trade show transportation specialists what is purpose of trade show

Many people love to go to trade shows. You can usually discover something you haven’t seen there, or glean ideas you’ve never thought of before, whether they are focused on home and gardens, guns, or weddings. But what is a trade show? Why even have one?

Tradeshow Transportation Specialists live and breathe trade shows. We offer transportation and logistics for events and trade shows across the nation and the world. Options for transportation include ground, oceans, and air. We have decades of experience in helping vendors and merchants pull off their best trade shows. Below, we’ll take a look at what exactly is a trade show and what’s the purpose of a trade show. Contact us today to get started!


Trade shows are events held (usually in exhibition halls or convention centers in large cities) where members and companies of a certain industry gather together to discuss, display, and demonstrate their products and/or services to each other and to those who attend trade shows. Some trade shows are held annually; some are open to the public; some are only open to those within the industry and special guests.



Let’s face it, your business can fail if you don’t have a successful marketing plan in place with great marketing managers running your advertisements and marketing strategies. Trade shows can play an intricate role in marketing your business’ products. While everyone loves to text and such, nothing really beats the hands-on approach. For instance, if you are an artificial intelligence company who just invented a robot like The Terminator, people will have to see it to believe it — and what an impression that will make! Plus, face-to-face interactions are the best way to engage others, despite what our virtual worlds will tell you.

Generate Buzz

For those in the industry, trade shows can be crucial to get the word out about their new product and/or service, to network with others, and to generate buzz about their company and/or their products. Many companies wait until the annual trade show to unveil their latest and greatest innovation in order to generate buzz and excitement. Trade shows are ripe opportunities to leave a stellar impression in the mind of attendees that they won’t forget.


Businesses come and go, so when major players in an industry come together, this is a golden opportunity to check out your competition, see what they are up to, and perhaps even form a win/win partnership with some. Collaborations, even amongst your direct competitors can be extremely beneficial and profitable.

Meet Your Customers

Trade shows are customer magnets for those who are interested in your industry, your products, and your services. Major trade shows have huge followings, and people will travel all over the country just to attend. Every person who walks through the doors of the convention center and attends the trade show is a potential future customer, or a lead. Tradeshow Transportation Specialists recommend that you have as many ways to capture their information as possible, from giveaways and drawings to handing out business cards and asking for business cards in return. Furthermore, the cost to acquire these leads is extremely low (outside of the cost to exhibit at a trade show) because this is your target audience.

Expand Your Brand

Creating brand awareness is super important these days where consumers are bombarded by everything under the sun as soon as they look at their phones. The design of your booth is super important. You want it to be engaging and inviting, while promoting your brand. Here, self-aggrandizement is encouraged and expected, so don’t be shy to hand out company T-shirts, wear your employee shirts, or even be an event sponsor.


Education is one of the biggest reasons for trade shows, as well as one of the biggest benefits. When you are an exhibitor at a trade show, you will face a constant stream of attendees who are already open to receiving your information. You can take this opportunity to introduce them to who you are, what you do, what you offer, how you’re different from the competition, and explain your value proposition.

Tradeshow Transportation Specialists wants to remind you that you and your employees will be educated as well. Once you repeat 500 times what your business does and why someone should choose/use your products and/or services, you just increased your education and your sales pitch in under 30 seconds. You will most likely learn a bunch of things as well from other exhibitors and from those visiting your booth.


Trade shows are insanely fun to attend. However, in order to have this amazing experience, you need to ensure all of your trade show materials make it to the convention center on time and in order. That’s when partnering with a top-notch trade show logistics company, such as Tradeshow Transportation Specialists, can make all the difference in your trade show experience. Contact us today!