Proven Ways To Boost Your Exhibition Results Planning, Preparation, Presentation, Follow-up

Set Objectives

Set measurable objectives not only for the show itself, but also for each of the specific promotions your company will be doing.

Measure the Rewards You Give Out

The easiest way to compute the numbers is to take the total exhibit hours, multiply by the number of staff members on duty per shift, and then multiply by five.

Determining the Budget

Determine the value of a customer, either based on an average sale or over a course of a given time. In your calculations remember to include direct mailers, print advertising, giveaways and promotional costs.

Consistency is the Key

After the show exhibitors should be able to recall your primary message. Slogans and advertising messages should be repeated throughout the year, stressing the benefits of using your products and services reinforcing this concept.

Hand Out a Fact Sheet, Not a Brochure

When you only have a few seconds to grab attention, use a quick-scan sheet to highlight the key benefits of your product or services. 60-85% of all show literature is thrown out. Bring enough materials to distribute to 5% of your already determined contact number.

Overcrowding the Booth

Companies often send several representatives to the major shows. Restrict visitor interaction and booth break times. Time is money and every minute lost is a possible sale lost. Assign specific tasks to avoid fumbling around the booth.

Three Benefits Arise from Less Literature Disposal

You’ll save on shipping costs; your overall waste factor will be considerably reduced; offer to mail the show materials; you’ll obtain the names and contact lead information.

Invest in Pre-Show Mailings

Direct Mail promotions before a show can “prime the pump” and deliver a 33% larger audience that’s ready to learn more about what you have to offer.

Identify the Influencers

Ask visitors for the name of the other decision makers in their organization to boost your follow-up impact.

Increase the Intimacy of Your Booth

Remove barriers between you and visitors, and create a warm, friendly discussion area to increase sales interaction.

Dress the Part

Business suits can be too intimidating, but dress too casually and you may lose credibility.

Stay for the Late Attendees

Maintain your enthusiasm and energy. Some of your most serious prospects may be those racing through the exhibit hall just before it closes.

Exhibitor’s Staff Training is Essential

Too often the people chosen to represent the entire image of the organization are left to fend for themselves. Select the right people to staff your booth. Arrive early, work hard and stay late. Conduct pre-show meetings to identify goals and objectives. Agree on guidelines for interacting with visitors and qualifying customers.

Evaluate Your Performance

Each show has its own idiosyncrasies and obstacles. After each show, evaluate your staff performance. Fine-tuning can help you to know and understand how to make the future shows a success. There is always room for improvement.

Phrases to Ban from our Booth

“I’ll be with you in a minute.” In a minute, your customer will be long gone! If you can’t speak with someone immediately, ask “Are you able to wait a moment while I find someone to help you?”
“We don’t do that.” When a customer wants something you don’t provide, say “Let me see how we can help you…”

“Our policy is…” Your only policy at a tradeshow is to solve customer problems! Skirt potential problems by saying, “in most instances we can…”

“I don’t know.” Replace this phrase permanently with “Let me find out for you.”

“You have to call…” Never tell a customer what to do! Instead, say “We recommend…” or “We suggest that you…”

“No.” Never issue a flat “no”! If you really can’t help, soften the blow with “We may not be able to, but I can help you find someone who can.”


All Visitors Should be Thanked

Hot contacts should find a handwritten note on their desks upon their return to their office. All visitors should get a letter thanking them. This simple gesture is commonly ignored. Remember 90% of all show visitors make a purchase from an exhibitor within nine months of the show!

*Take immediate action wherever needed and always plan for the unexpected!