Tradeshow Services: Exhibit House Services and Storage


Tradeshow Transportation Specialists can store your goods anywhere in the world. From a short amount of time before an event to long-term storage, we can keep your tradeshow materials safe and sound at an affordable rate. We also will provide high-quality exhibit inspection along with pull-and-pack services.

Exhibit House Services

Our creative services division will listen to your criteria then provide you with the design and services that compliment your concept. From existing kits to custom exhibits, our design capabilities include the following:

  • Isometric drawings with multiple view angles.
  • Black and white wireframe renderings.
  • Full-color illustrations complete with company logos.
  • Fly-through animations.

Our team at TTS can help you weigh the advantages of buying or renting an exhibit booth. With our rental options and extensive design expertise, we can offer the perfect solution for your schedule and budget.

Have any questions? Contact our team today.